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What's going on

What's going on?

At the ol' Junky Junk

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7 Nights a Week

The Junction now has music everyday of the week!

Mon - New Open Mic - 8pm

Tues - Jam Session - 8pm

Wed - Guest Band - 8pm

Thurs - Jam Session - 8pm

Fri - House Band - 8pm

Sat - House Band - 8pm

Sun - House Band - 3pm - open mic enquiries

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To play at the jam session you will have to sit on the musicians table or book a table and come with a friend or another musician.

It’s been a tough year we can no longer realistically have musicians each with their own table.

The “no wandering around" rule will also apply, rule breakers will be forced to listen to “save all your kisses for me” twice!
We will also ask all musicians to play on the stage and not spread out in front of it.
It’s a shame but the 10 saxophone/trumpet/nose flute extravaganza of sound will have to live on in memory only for a while..... but remember at least we are playing again.

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Reservation Policy

  • Your booking is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation text/email

  • Please cancel your reservation if you can't show up

  • No outside reservations taken

  • We won’t book out the whole restaurant so walk-ins will always be an option

  • Tables will be held for 10 minutes

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